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I'm new to this! What are your main collections?

Here at Kairos Stitch, we take pride in our handcrafted leather goods, and specialize in producing the finest watch straps and accessories; with a wide spectrum of strap designs, leather selections, custom options and exclusive leather straps tailored made for your favourite brands of watches and models.

Our watch straps collections are broken down into 2 main strap collections and 1 main custom strap option collection:

Everyday Straps - Everyday watch straps that can be paired with almost all watches. In this collection, you will find our extensive line up of Leather Straps, Military Straps and Elastic Bands.

Exclusive Straps - Watch straps designed for specific brands/types of watches e.g. Apple Watches

Custom Straps - Our custom watch strap options takes reference from straps found in both our Everyday and Exclusive Straps collections. Discover endless straps and threads combinations, and let your creativity flow with our custom strap options.​

Our storage & accessories collections are broken down into 2 main collections:

Watch & Strap Storage - Watch & strap storage accessories specially designed and crafted to protect, store and display your watches and more!

Tools, Parts & Accessories - Here, you find the small little things that adds up! These includes our handcrafted valet tray, and an assortment of strap buckles and spring bar tools.

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Is shipping worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide! For more information on shipping, you may view them here.*

* Any extra customs fees and taxes are excluded from our shipping.

Is there warranty? Any possibilities for an exchange or refund?

We pride in our after-service twice as much. To ensure service and product quality, all products comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Your satisfaction is our gratification.

Whether its due to a defective order, a wrongly placed order, or simply due to a change of mind - we got you covered.

Click here to learn more about our Order Confirmation, Warranty Policies, Refund & Exchange Guidelines >

Go on and shop with a peace of mind.

Could you advise which leather to choose?

Most certainly!

Well, it really all depends on what type of leather you deem fit for your individual usage. There is no right or wrong answer, just how you like your leather to look, feel and 'patina' overtime is really what answers this.

Learn more about our leather collection here, where we breakdown in detail each leather's characteristics and attributes so you can better select what's best for you!

I would love to purchase a watch strap, but I am unsure if it fits. Help!

Here comes help!

Two parts to this question.

Whether your watch strap fits based on it's measurements and specifications,


Whether your watch strap fits based on it's leather/colour/material matching and style.

Either way, we've got you covered both ways.

Find out if your strap fits your watch and your wrist here >

Find out our recommended watch matching combination in our Ultimate Watch Strap Guide here >