The Ultimate Watch Strap Guide

A watch strap holds the key to transforming the look and feel of your timepiece. From pairing the right strap with the right watch to styling it for different occasions, the possibilities are endless. In this curated ultimate watch strap guide, we will go explore deeper the ultimate guide broken down into three broad "Know Your" topics:

1. Know Your Watch: Watch Dimensions and Strap Compatibility

2. Know Your Strap: Type of Leather, Designs and Maintenance

3. Know Your Style: Right Straps, Right Style, Right Occasion

1. Know Your Watch: Watch Dimensions and Strap Compatibility

To create a perfect pairing between your watch and strap, understanding your watch's dimensions and strap compatibility is the most important first step when it comes to deciding which strap (and watch) to purchase. Understanding the key dimensions of your watch will give you an idea on its strap combability and streamline your strap of choice.

a. Lug Width: Measure the distance between the lugs on your watch case. The lug width measurement determines the strap width you should choose for a proper fit. To go in full detail on how to measure your watch's lug width fitting, you may view them here.

b. Case Size: Consider the overall size of your watch. Watches with a larger case (e.g. Bell & Ross and Panerai) may require a wide strap design to maintain a more well-balanced aesthetic, while a smaller watch with a slimmer case may benefit from a lean strap.

c. Case Shape: Take into account the shape of your watch case, whether it's round, square, tonneau, or any other variation. Different case shapes may influence the type of strap that complements the watch's design.

d. Lug Style: Pay attention to the lug style on your watch. Some watches have curved, tapered or integrated lugs, which may require specific strap styles or adapters for a secure fit (e.g. Tissot PRX and Cartier Santos de Cartier).

2. Know Your Strap: Type of Leather, Designs and Maintenance

After understanding about your watch's dimension and strap compatibility, you are ready to discover the type of leather, the designs and maintenance if needed, that pairs the best with your watch, lifestyle, and taste and preferences (more about this in point 3!).

Understanding the above factors will help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect strap for your watch, and you will thank yourself in the long-run.

a. Type of Leather: Leather straps in general shouts elegance, versatility and for some, sporty. While we all come to love the natural beauty of leather, it is worth noting the different types and variations of leather such as alligator, ostrich, or chevre leather; with each type of our leather collection offering its unique texture, appearance and leather characteristics. Depending on the type of leather and its characteristics, regular cleaning and conditioning could sometimes be necessary to maintain their suppleness and longevity.

b. Designs: With a wide variety of leathers types found on a strap, discovering the correct strap design plays an equally important role especially when pairing it with your watch. You don't just want the strap to look good on your wrist, you also want it to look great with your watch. Our strap designs are curated to hit that sweet spot by configuring the perfect leather type-strap design combination, and to maximise its versitlity, utility and durability.

c. Maintenance: Although not mentioned the most, ensuring proper maintenance will actually do your strap a favour in running the distance. Thankfully, all our straps come ready maintained with a conditioning agents to ensure supple yet firm texture for an extended period. However, it is also good to conduct periodical maintenance whenever needed such as light cleaning, conditioning, proper storage away from direct light and rotating your straps to prevent excessive strain on a single strap.

3. Know Your Style: Right Straps, Right Style, Right Occasion

Now that you understand more about your watch's dimention, strap compatbility, and the different types of leather and its strap styles, it is time to piece them all up and discover YOUR watch strap. Of course, there are no right or wrong answers as to what strap you should be wearing as it eventually boils down to your lifestyle and personal tastes and preferences.

a. Formal Events: For formal occasions or occasions that requires you to dress up, choose a leather strap in classic colors such as black, brown, or dark blue. This adds an elegant touch to your attire and complements watches perfectly. The type of leather in this instance would no doubt be the alligator, ostrich, shell cordovan, lizard, and taiga strap, as these straps often has natural scaled lines, patterns or sheens that exudes nothing but class, elegance and professionalism. We have pair some of our Alligator and Ostrich straps to go along with our Hallmark strap design, to give that extra yet subtle wrist presence you want on more dressed-up occasion.

b. Everyday or Dressed-Down Outings: Nubuck, chevre, epsom, buttero, and the majority of our leather collection would work very well for an everyday casual wear. They can also add a pop of personality and lend a more relaxed and playful vibe to your outfit. We have paired most of our leather collection to go with our Lean strap design, as this strap design is made with comfort and versatility in mind with no 'break-in' time needed. For those looking for instant comfort and a seamless wearing experience, this one is for you.

c. Colour Matching & Custom Straps: If you still can't decide on what strap to pair with your timepiece, here's a quick strap colour matching guide you could apply on your next outing.

  • White and black dials - ANY strap colour
  • Blue dials - Black, brown, blue, grey straps
  • Green dials - Black, brown, green straps
  • Gold/rose gold accent dials/case - Black, brown, maroon, natural

The ultimate choice is yours when it comes to selecting your perfect strap. We aim to cater to each and every one of your needs. As such, our custom watch strap options allows us to do just that; to open endless doors of design opportunities, and to let your creativity flow.


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