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Crimson Red Elastic Band

Crimson Red Elastic Band

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Lug width fitting and strap sizing guide >

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Our elastic bands are made with maximum comfort, breathability and durability in mind thanks to the stretchable, soft and feather-like weight synthetic elastic nylon material, you might just forgot that you are wearing a watch! The lengths of these bands are made to be fixed (and stretchy), providing a snug and secure fit once you've gotten the right size. Inspired by the MoonSwatch collection, our elastic bands are designed with a wide variety of colourways and designs with endless pairing options while being affordable in doing so. If you've yet to strap our elastic bands for yourself, we highly recommend you to try it and get your creative juices flowing!

Strap Collection: Everyday Elastic Bands

Lug Width: 20mm

Material: Synthetic Elastic Nylon

Thickness: 1.6mm

Connectors: Regular Straight Quick Release Spring Bar

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      Elastic Bands Sizing Guide

      • Small (120mm): Can accommodate wrist sizes 150-160mm (5.9-6.3 inches)
      • Medium (130mm): Can accommodate wrist sizes 160-170mm (6.3-6.7 inches)
      • Large (140mm): Can accommodate wrist sizes 170-180mm (6.7-7.1 inches)

      Found your wrist size in the middle of two strap length sizes? Our recommendation is to always size up. This gives you ample allowance to wear the strap without the risk of it being too tight/snug.

      Need more help with fitting? Refer to our Lug Width Fitting and Strap Sizing guide here >

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      Elastic Nylon

      Comfortable, stretchy, lightweight, durable, soft and comfortable. Did we mention comfortable already?! Yes, these qualities are the name of the game when it comes to our elastic bands that are made out the highest quality synthetic elastic nylon material. This material is built to withstand all types of conditions for prolong periods so you don't have to worry anything much about wears and tears!


      MoonSwatch (Swatch X Omega)

      Our elastic bands are inspired by Swatch and Omega's amazing collaboration of the MoonSwatch collection. Designed to match your favourite MoonSwatch, discover the endless watch-to-band combinations with our elastic bands. Of course, our elastic bands will also fit perfectly any watches with a 20mm lug width, and are not limited to the MoonSwatch itself!

      Less is more

      Buckles? Nope!

      Ever wonder what it's like to strap on your watch without any buckles or pins holding your straps together? We've always wanted to experiment a new way of strapping on a watch and taking comfort to the next level without the need for a buckle on the underside, and our elastic bands does just that, reducing overall weight and bulk.


      Colours & Designs

      Are you ready to take fun to the next level? Our elastic bands comes in a wide assortment of colours & designs to suit your liking. Ranging from good ol' black colour to a bold bright red colour, to a chic tiffany blue colour; you might just be spoilt for choices!


      Quick Release Spring Bars

      We understand that changing watch straps can sometimes be a cumbersome task, requiring specialized tools and time-consuming efforts. All our straps comes installed ready with our quick release spring bars (including our elastic bands!), that are engineered with the highest precision and durability in mind, making customization a breeze. Our system allows you to effortlessly change your watch strap within seconds, enabling you to match your timepiece on-the-go.

      Customer Reviews

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      Alex Roa Santos (Barcelona, ES)
      Pop of colour on your wrist

      Love how this comfy strap can add a pop of colour to my outfit! Matches perfect on my field watches. I recommend it!