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Navy Blue Ostrich Hallmark Strap

Navy Blue Ostrich Hallmark Strap

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Where do we begin describing our ostrich leather? There's just so much to be appreciated and loved by this exotic leather; from its unique and refined scaled texture, to its luxurious and unrivaled charm it carries - there's really nothing else that comes close to replicating this one-of-a-kind leather. Get ready for a visual feast for the eye as you strap on our ostrich leather strap, that is certain to provide a lasting and comfortable fit throughout your watch wearing experience.

Strap Collection: Everyday Leather Straps

Leather Type: Ostrich

Stitching Colour: As Per Upper Leather (Tone-On-Tone)

Lining: Zermatt (Light Tan Brown)

Design: Hallmark >

  • Thickness: ~4.5mm to ~2.2mm (Half-Padded)
  • Stitching Style: Regular Full Stitch, ~2.7mm (Width)
  • Stitching Thread: Linen, ~0.35mm
  • Buckle: Regular Brushed
  • Strap Holes: Regular Round
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Are you ready to take your luxury senses to new heights with our ostrich leather? Known for its distinctive quill follicle patterns and opulent tactile sensation that doesn't just elude an incredible depth and personality, its smooth and soft touch is sure to titillate the senses. It is no surprise how the ostrich leather's unparalleled exotic beauty continues to be appreciated and loved by many for years and years to come.

Surface: Scaled

Patina: Low

Scratch Resistance: High

Water Resistance: Medium

Temper & Pliability: Soft-Medium



Our Hallmark strap design features a fusion of exclusivity, comfort, and timeless style. This strap offers a slight padding that adds a touch of luxury and distinction to your cherished timepiece. Experience unparalleled comfort as the gentle padding conforms to the contours of your wrist, ensuring a personalized fit with a touch of classic aesthetic.


100% Handmade

We pride ourselves in our crafts through the highest standards of precision, accuracy, and durability. Unlike regular machine-made straps, all our straps are 100% saddled stitched by hand to reinforce structural integrity and sturdiness. Thereafter, a sequential and painstaking process of sanding and applying of edge paint glue are performed, to ensure all edges are completely sealed with a smooth and thorough finish.


Hypoallerenic Zermatt Leather Lining

Our hypoallerenic zermatt leather lining boasts exceptional moisture-wicking properties. Other than its scratch, sweat, and water-resistant properties, the soft and smooth surface also makes this leather extremely comfortable to wear for long hours even in the most humid of conditions. Say hello to comfort at its best!


Quick Release Spring Bars

We understand that changing watch straps can sometimes be a cumbersome task, requiring specialized tools and time-consuming efforts. All our straps comes installed ready with our quick release spring bars, that are engineered with the highest precision and durability in mind, making customization a breeze. Our system allows you to effortlessly change your watch strap within seconds, enabling you to match your timepiece on-the-go.


Signature 316L Stainless Steel Buckle

We believe that versatility and durability should go hand in hand, and our interchangeable signature 316L stainless steel buckles does just that. Fitted on all straps in a silver-brushed finish, this simple yet robust harmony sure looks the part on all strap combinations.

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