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Dark Brown Waxy Panerai Wide (Lean) Strap

Dark Brown Waxy Panerai Wide (Lean) Strap

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If you love the idea of personalization and individually, then you will surely love our waxy leather! The waxy leather's distinctive surface says it all when it comes to describing this exquisite leather. As you strap on our waxy leather strap, you are not just wearing any ordinary strap, you are creating a strap story conveyed by the beautiful patina and extraordinary 'pull-up' effect that the leather naturally produces with each usage. Are you ready to create your own strap story?

Strap Collection: Exclusive Leather Straps

Leather Type: Waxy

Stitching Colour: Cream (MS006)

Lining: Zermatt (Light Tan Brown)

Design: Wide (Lean) >

  • Thickness: ~3mm
  • Stitching Style: Regular Full Stitch, ~3.8mm (Width)
  • Stitching Thread: Linen, ~0.35mm
  • Buckle: Panerai-Style Brushed 
  • Strap Holes: Regular Round
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    Embrace the natural beauty of our waxy leather - a classic example of a leather that literally 'grows' with you, as the leather's waxy surface graces in a unique patina, and only gets more exquisite over prolong usage. That means there would be no two or more of the same exact copy of this leather! Now name us a more remarkable and personalized leather that carries the same air of individuality as that of the waxy leather.

    Surface: Smooth

    Patina: High (With Pull-Up Effect)

    Scratch Resistance: Low-Medium

    Water Resistance: Low

    Temper & Pliability: Medium


    Wide (Lean)

    The most notable feature for our Wide strap design is its width. We have carefully crafted a strap that is wider than traditional watch straps, allowing it to perfectly match the proportions of larger and chunkier watches. This wider design creates a balanced and harmonious look, ensuring that your timepiece stands out on your wrist.


    100% Handmade

    We pride ourselves in our crafts through the highest standards of precision, accuracy, and durability. Unlike regular machine-made straps, all our straps are 100% saddled stitched by hand to reinforce structural integrity and sturdiness. Thereafter, a sequential and painstaking process of sanding and applying of edge paint glue are performed, to ensure all edges are completely sealed with a smooth and thorough finish.


    Hypoallerenic Zermatt Leather Lining

    Our hypoallerenic zermatt leather lining boasts exceptional moisture-wicking properties. Other than its scratch, sweat, and water-resistant properties, the soft and smooth surface also makes this leather extremely comfortable to wear for long hours even in the most humid of conditions. Say hello to comfort at its best!


    Quick Release Spring Bars

    We understand that changing watch straps can sometimes be a cumbersome task, requiring specialized tools and time-consuming efforts. All our straps comes installed ready with our quick release spring bars, that are engineered with the highest precision and durability in mind, making customization a breeze. Our system allows you to effortlessly change your watch strap within seconds, enabling you to match your timepiece on-the-go.

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