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Classic Black Saffiano Zip Pouch

Classic Black Saffiano Zip Pouch

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Store, zip and go! That's the name of the game when it comes to our Zip Pouch. Our Zip Pouch has the capability to store 2 watches at one go, or the flexibility to double up as a handy watch and accessories/strap storage. By using zips, you can also be sure that your watches are fully secured in place while being free from any form of dusts and potential scratches and dings during your travels.

Dimensions and specifications:

  • Dimensions: 15cm (L) x 8.5cm (W) x 3cm (H)
  • Total storage capacity: 2 watches
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                        Watch Pouches

                        Utilizing a robust zipper and stitching combination, our Zip Pouch is capable of storing up to two watches in one go, and is ideal for users looking for an additional watch storage slot in a single pouch setting. Whether its for sharing with a partner or used as a watch & accessory storage pouch, this one pretty much covers all bases.


                        Small But Mighty

                        Our watch pouches are deliberately built to be small and compact, featuring dimensions that are just large enough to comfortably accommodate your watches without excess heft. Coming in at a measurement not longer than 15cm and thicker than 3cm, say goodbye to the bulky stuff and say hello to your handy dandy compact pouch buddies!


                        Made To Fit

                        Having various colours to choose from, and being able to serve a wide variety of watches, and our watch pouches takes no exception when it comes to doing just that in its versatility department. Our pouches are carefully measured, designed and crafted to ensure even your largest Panerai can make its way safely into the pouches without any compromise.


                        Form & Function

                        It doesn't matter how fancy a watch storage accessory may look on the outside if it doesn't serve its main function of protecting your watches to its best. We've ensured that our watch and strap storage accessories don't just do the part but also looks the part with different colour/leather options, so you can display it, travel with it, take it to your next watch get-together or all of the above - you call the shot!


                        Handpicked Goodness

                        Only the finest and highest quality top-grain exterior and interior leather materials are used throughout our watch and strap storage accessories. Each raw material and parts used in the making are meticulously handpicked, sourced, tested, and assembled by hand for the highest precision, fit and finish, and we're proud to announce that our watch and strap storage accessories have checked our stringent quality-check boxes!

                        Customer Reviews

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                        @atimeaffair (Lugano, CH)
                        Classic Black Saffiano Zip Pouch

                        Excellent watch box to protect them when you travel! Very good quality!