Custom Strap Order Guide

Custom strap options

Our custom straps comes in two main options:
Standard Custom and Bespoke Custom.

Our Standard Custom option allows for basic customizations by adopting a more straightforward approach, covering the basic characteristics of a watch strap such as it's material and size. This option is suited for those looking to customize their watch strap without going into the finer details but yet, covering all bases needed for a well constructed custom strap. The Standard Custom option is also set as the default option on all custom strap order pages.

Our Bespoke Custom option provides a wider array of customization options and selections, and would dive into deeper detail such as the strap's under lining material and the number of holes on the strap. Do note that by opting for a Bespoke Custom strap, we may require a slightly longer preparation and craft duration.

Both Standard Custom and Bespoke Custom options can be found on all custom strap order pages in our Everyday Straps and Exclusive Straps collection.

Note: There may be some differing option choices for our Exclusive Watch Straps collections due the strap's structural differences. Listed below is the comparison for our Everyday Leather Watch Straps collection.

Standard Custom VS Bespoke Custom

Standard Custom Bespoke Custom
#1: Leather
Main Upper Leather
Under Lining Leather & Colour
Keeper Leather
Keeper Type & Quantity
Keeper Width
#2 Strap Design
Strap Design
Strap End Design (Long Tail End)
#3 Connectors Design
Spring Bar Design
Buckle Design
#4 Specifications
Strap Holes Quantity
Strap Holes Positioning
#5 Additional Add-Ons
Upload File Reference
Any Other Requests/Comments (Optional)


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