Official Launch of Kairos Stitch


We are extremely thrilled and delighted to announce the official launch and grand opening of Kairos Stitch - the gold standard of handcrafted straps and accessories.

The team have been working extremely hard over the past few months, researching in depth each designs and styles, crafting meticulously each strap and accessory by hand, and handpicking the finest top grain leathers that pairs best. The amount of time, effort and dedication that goes into this launch has been nothing short of fulfilling, and we cannot be more grateful of what the team has achieved thus far!

As a start, most of our leather strap collections would come in both 19mm and 20mm lug width configuration, ranging from lengths in M size (70mm / 115mm) and S size (65mm / 105mm), with more lug width sizes catered for in future productions. Should you require a strap of any specific size/length, do place an order with us with over at our Custom Strap options.

Thank you once again for being a part of the family, and we cannot wait for you to experience even more exciting launches that we have in store!