Military Strap Design: Straight vs Tapered vs Single

As enthusiasts and collectors know, the world of watch straps is vast and diverse, and we wanted to see how military style straps can be done the same given its simple design.

Our military leather straps are crafted with three main core elements in mind:

1. Wearability

We've crafted our military straps in two different lengths to cater to various wrist sizes so you never miss out on your best fit. Whether you prefer to have an excess loop tucked in at the 12 o'clock position, or prefer to keep it neat like a normal leather strap, the choice is yours!

2. Keeping it thin!

We understand that most military style leather straps are crafted way too thick that creates unnecessary heft and bulk to your watch wearing experience. We've gone the exact opposite and revolutionized what thin really means, with all straps kept at less than 1.5mm thin with zero compromise on quality thanks to the use of the highly durable yet pliable kangaroo leather lining.

3. Designs

We take a closer look at three of our unique military strap designs – Straight, Tapered, and Single – each embodying a commitment to quality craftsmanship and offering a distinct wearing experience. We delve deeper into the differences and see for yourself how each design could best suit you!

Military Straight

Our Military Straight design is inspired and crafted from the vast amount of military style straps available in the market presently, and is a testament to the timeless design it holds until today.

With a thickness of approximately just 1.5mm, this strap is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use while maintaining its shape and appearance. Keeping it full stitchless with only the critical stitching points also allows the strap to maintain its sleek and minimalistic aesthetic while staying secure in its shape.

Crafted with linen stitching thread and a regular brushed buckle, the Military Straight design is recommended for both vintage and sports watches, catering to those who prefer a classic and and regular military style strap wearing experience.

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Military Tapered

For a one-of-a-kind watch-wearing experience, our Military Tapered strap design stands out the most among the three designs, with a carefully tapered design from the lugs area to the buckle.

Engineered to blend the best of elegance, vintage charm, and a dressy aesthetic, this strap offers a unique twist on the classic military straight design; its like wearing a regular tapered leather strap but as a military style strap.

With a thickness of approximately 1.5mm and a tapered width of 2mm from the lug to buckle, it maintains a sleek appearance throughout the strap, and is ideal for vintage, dress, and sports watches, and for those who appreciate a more sophisticated and minimalistic strap-wearing experience. While this small taper may sound small on paper, the difference is huge in person and you can definitely feel that!

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Military Single

Yes, the name lies in the use of only a single piece of top-grain leather that goes into making this strap. Crafted from a single piece of top-grain leather with a natural soft suede-like lining, the Military Single design is our thinness military strap yet at just 1mm thin. As if our other military straps are not thin enough, we're going extra thin with this one!

We've also used a ring-polished buckle to add a touch of vintage vibes and elegance overall. Our Military Single strap design is recommended for more vintage and field style watches and for those who loves the thinnest of comfort and a light-fitting wearing experience.

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