Tool Strap Configuration: Single Pass vs Double Pass

A single pass military strap consist of only one single tool strap, while a double pass tool strap consist of one single tool strap and an additional bottom short strap end and a keeper.

Single Pass

Our single pass military straps are designed with maximum comfort and durability in mind. Measuring in at approximately just 1.5mm, you got to feel it to believe it just how subtle and light the strap feel for an everyday comfort fit. Don't discount its durability - we ensure only the highest grain leather is used in the making.

Double Pass

Our double pass military strap is no different than its single pass counterpart in terms of its overall durability and comfort. Given the strap's double pass nature, you would be opting for a strap that provides a more secure fit that elevates both your wrist presence and watch's aesthetic in an instant as you strap it on.

Note: All military strap designs comes ready-made in a Double Pass configuration, with the option to cut the excess Double Pass's bottom short strap end should you prefer a Single Pass military strap configuration.

If you prefer a different configuration, you may place your custom military strap order here.


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